Congratulations to Our New Sisters!

Welcome to Eternal Sisterhood, tau Chis!

#102 Christie Ho *Visceral* | Big Sis: Melissa Cheung *Hysteria*
#103 Michelle Lee *Sentinel* | Big Sis: Eileen Li *Calcifer*
#104 Diane Da Yeon Song *Forcefield* | Big Sis: Jane Huang *Flux*
#105 Yuxin Yang *Triad* | Big Sis: Eileen Li *Calcifer*
#106 Rachel Shi *Sakari* | Big Sis: Kelly *Tsubasa*
#107 Nancy Xie *Terpsichore* | Big Sis: Teresa Lii *Erana*

Big shout out to their Program Educators: Corinna Lin*xylia* and Shuting Karen Cai *Imiya*


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