CARE Fundraiser at Night Market 2015: Autumn Moon

Columbia Kappas participated at Chinese Students’ Club’s most popular event of the semester, Night Market: Autumn Moon. Night Market is Columbia’s largest annual fall event that promotes cultural unity on campus by bringing together over 50 clubs and 1,500 attendees! Our President, Corinna Lin, enthusiastically volunteered to participate in the Presidential Pie Toss! Proceeds from the festival will benefit the partnering charity, Heart to Heart Community Care, whose mission is to provide services to migrant workers and their families in Kunming, China.

At Night Market, Columbia Kappas successfully sold VitaSoy drinks, soymilk, delicious Chinese buns and tasty fried dumplings for our national philanthropy, CARE, a humanitarian organization providing disaster relief and fighting global poverty. Please check out their website and donate here at: Proceeds will benefit CARE, especially contributing to Syrian refugees, who suffered from the humanitarian crisis, gain access to more food and clean water.


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