Congratulations to our Spring 2016 Executive Board and Minor Board!

Congratulations to our new Executive Board and Minor Board! Welcome aboard NEOs and a huge round of applause to our GEO, Michelle Lee *Sentinel* as Columbia Kappa Phi Lambda‘s new PRESIDENT!!!

President: Michelle Lee *Sentinel*
VP: Christie Ho *Visceral*
Secretary: Sophie Jo *Spree*
Treasurer: Rachel Shi *Sakari*
Warden: Summer Jingxi Yang *Hazuki*
Liaison: Diane Song *Forcefield*

Minor Board:
Community Service Chairs: Yuxin Yang *Triad* and Summer Yang *Hazuki*
Fundraising/Philanthropy Chairs: Yuxin Yang *Triad* and Nancy Xie *Terpsichore*
Cultural Chairs: Chloe Niu *Traumerei* and Lydia Jiang *Primera*
Historian: Michelle Lee *Sentinel*
Rush Chairs: Minzi Keem *Aviate* and Michelle Lee *Sentinel*
Social Chair: Minzi Keem *Aviate*
Sister Events Chairs: Lydia Jiang *Primera* and Minzi Keem *Aviate*
Webmistress: Summer Yang *Hazuki*
Performance Chair: Nancy Xie *Terpsichore*
Academic Chair:
Publicity Chairs: Rachel Shi *Sakari* and Yuxin Yang *Triad


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