Current Sisters

Meet our undergraduate sisters!

[ tau ]:

#93 Corinna Lin *xylia*

#93 Corinna Lin *xylia* (Active)

Name: Corinna Lin
Year: 2016
Major: Biochemistry
Birthday: October 26
Hometown: Orangeburg, NY
Big Sister: Mina Cong [Robin]

Little Sister: Lydia Jiang [Primera]

Interests: Figure Skating, baking and cooking, pink!, animals, music, desserts!, naps, drawing, Tae Kwon Do, family and friends, traveling

[ upsilon ]:

#95 Jane Huang *Flux*

#95 Jane Huang *Flux* (Active)

Name: Jane Huang
Year: 2016
Major: Neuroscience
Birthday: November 1
Hometown: Guilin, China
Big Sister: [Sora]

Little Sister: Diane Song [Forcefield]
Interests: Music, GuZheng, hip-hop, swimming, hanging out with family and friends, bunnies, living things, martial arts drama, sashimi, beach, karaoke, challenges, painting, learning new things, color spectrum

#96 Kristy Han *Activate* (Active)khan

Name: Kristy Han
Year: 2016
Major: Economics and Psychology
Birthday: January 25
Hometown: New York,NY
Big Sister: Jamy Drapeza [Enthrall]

Little Sister: Minzi Keem [Aviate]
Interests: Swimming, Making Jokes, Laughing, Drawing, Exploring the City, Spending Quality Time with Friends and Family, Listening to Music, Watching Movies, Hanging Out with Biggie

#97 Chloe Niu *Traumerei* (Active) chloe

Name: Chloe Niu
Year: 2016
Major: Economics and Mathematics
Birthday: March 10
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Big Sister: Lynn [Tahiti]
Interests: Painting, shopping, good food, dogs, hanging out with friends and family.

#98 Summer Yang *Hazuki* (Active)

Name: Summer Yang
Year: 2016
Major: Urban Studies
Birthday: November 3
Hometown: Beijing, China
Big Sister: Karen Cai [Imiya]
Interests: Singing, photoshop, family & friends, travel, food, thunderstorm.

[ Phi ]:

IMG_6153#99 Judy Mae *Manifesto* (Active)

Name: Judy Mae
Year: 2016
Major: Psychology
Birthday: November 15
Hometown: Queens,NY
Big Sister: Amy Gong [Arpège]
Interests: Summer, Beach, Sun Tanning, Raspberries, Gossip Girl, Pink, Lauren Conrad, Sleep, Going on walks, Bike Riding, Fashion

12186446_10208469137076884_2962920316562609760_o#100 Sophie Hyangseong Jo *Spree* (Active)

Name: Sophie Hyangseong Jo
Year: 2017
Major: Chemical Engineering
Birthday: April 18
Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
Big Sister: [Detour]
Interests: Reading, working out, shopping, napping, eating, hanging out and chatting with friends and family (or myself), making silly jokes, my big, my big^#’s (my lineage), Korean culture, American culture, cultural diversity, community service, pre-med/dental, self-improvement.

#101 Carmen Xie *Khaleesi* (Active)1911228_10152804237269315_2219906149289825485_o

Name: Carmen Xie
Year: 2016
Major: Economics
Birthday: November 12
Hometown: New York,NY
Big Sister: [Climax]
Interests: Billiards, watching scary movies/romantic comedies/Asian dramas, hanging out with friends and family, drawing, dessert, music, jokes with puns, sushi, learning and trying new things

 [ Chi ]:

#102 Christie Ho *Visceral* (Active)Visceral

Name: Christie Ho
Year: 2017
Major: Computer Science
Birthday: December 15
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Big Sister: Melissa Cheung [Hysteria]
Interests: Watching Asian dramas and Sci-Fi movies/shows, Trying out new dessert and food places, Cooking up new recipes, Hanging out with friends, Playing board games, LaserTag/Paintballing (fun thrillseekers)

#103 Michelle Lee *Sentinel* (Active)Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 11.56.38 AM

Name: Michelle Lee
Year: 2017
Major: Urban Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Development
Birthday: December 20
Hometown: Shanghai
Big Sister: Eileen Li [Calcifer]
Interests: Manga, guitar, badminton, drawing, dark chocolate, traveling, community organizing for social justice issues, film screenings, urban infrastructure

#104 Da Yeon (Diane) Song *Forcefield* (Active)상반신

Name: Da Yeon (Diane) Song
Year: 2017
Major: Applied Mathematics
Birthday: March 21
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Big Sister: Jane Huang [Flux]
Interests: Oversleeping, snowboarding, lacrosse, sleeping, rapping, producing music

#105 Yuxin Yang *Triad* (Active)IMG_4996

Name: Yuxin Yang
Year: 2016
Major: Electrical Engineering
Birthday: August 12
Hometown: Nanjing, China
Big Sister: Eileen Li [Calcifer]
Interests: Himalayan cats, Persian cats, sand cats, sleeping, foie gras, escargot, goat cheese, skiing, snowboarding, Whiskey, shopping, Fast&Furious 1-7, guitar, hip-hop dance, Avicii, Electros, Bible study, taking funny photos of friends

#106 Rachel Shi *Sakari* (Active)1743689_780603778634182_1707577653_n

Name: Rachel Shi
Year: 2017
Major: Financial Economics
Birthday: September 15
Hometown: Dalian, China
Big Sister: Kelly [Tsubasa]
Interests: Golf, movies, animals, jokes, desserts, Tokyo, New York City

#107 Nancy Xie *Terpsichore* (Active)profilepic

Name: Nancy Xie
Year: 2017
Major: Economics, Art History Minor
Birthday: October 2
Hometown: Beijing, China
Big Sister: Teresa [Erana]
Interests: Dancing, FOOD (cooking/baking and tasting), going on adventures, singing (karaoke), doddle, watching shows/movies

 [ Psi ]:

#108 Minzi Keem *Aviate* (Active)Minzi_P

Name: Minzi Keem
Year: 2018
Major: Economics-Statistics
Birthday: November 21
Hometown: Demarest, NJ
Big Sister: Kristy Han [Activate]
Interests: Hip hop dance, exploring the city, sashimi, puppies in general, chill music, movie watching, dystopian novels, Cartier, digital art, ceramics, spending time with biggie <3, talking to people, Marvel, Asian cakes, cosmetics, copic markers, banana milk

#110 Lydia Jiang *Primera* (Active)12308941_1080981988612620_1835700021_n

Name: Lydia Jiang
Year: 2019
Major: Operations Research
Birthday: August 7
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Big Sister: Corinna Lin [xylia]
Interests: Puns, reading novels, fencing, spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, listening to music, skiing and snowboarding, karaoke, gastronomy, shoe shopping, exchanging presents, experiencing new things

 [ Omega ]:

#111 Tiffany Huang *Vanguard* (Active)Vanguard

Name: Tiffany Huang
Year: 2019
Major: Neuroscience & Behavior
Birthday: May 6
Hometown: New York, NY
Big Sister: Michelle Li [Sentinel]
Interests: Food, Chilling with friends, Gaming, Korean Dramas, Matcha Lattes, Mochi, Dragon boating, Laughing, Staying fit and healthy, Listening to music, Streetwear

#112 Heidi Park *Hiyori* (Active)Hiyori

Name: Heidi Park
Year: 2019
Major: Political Science with a Concentration in East Asian Studies and Ethnicity and Race
Birthday: October 17
Hometown: Boston, MA
Big Sister: Summer Yang [Hazuki]
Interests: Drawing, sleeping, art, sleeping, music, exploring the city, dank memes, joshin’ around, laughing, being very serious, pizza, thinking, writing, cats and dogs, babies, baby cats and baby dogs, food, being cold and impersonal, drinking water, reading

#113 Claire Lee *Celeriti* (Active)Celeriti

Name: Claire Lee
Year: 2019
Major: Economics and Music
Birthday: August 29
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Big Sister: Rachel Shi [Sakari]
Interests: Piano, cats, Wushu, not burning all my clothing, Christmas lights, laughing, sushi, ice cream, green tea desserts, hugs, sleeping

#114 TK Lee *shadowcat* (Active)shadowcat

Name: TK Lee
Year: 2017
Major: Financial Economics
Birthday: May 1
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Big Sister: Lisa Li [Sylvanas]
Interests: Dancing, cats, dystopias, nail polish, art galleries, comics & manga, the entire Batman universe, pretending I can cook, Asian American identity, the mystery that is social media, green tea flavored things, dark chocolate & sweets

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