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  • CARE Fundraiser at Night Market 2015: Autumn Moon October 24, 2015

    Columbia Kappas participated at Chinese Students’ Club’s most popular event of the semester, Night Market: Autumn Moon. Night Market is Columbia’s largest annual fall event that promotes cultural unity on campus by bringing together over 50 clubs and 1,500 attendees! Our President, Corinna Lin, enthusiastically volunteered to participate in the Presidential Pie Toss! Proceeds from the festival will benefit the partnering charity, Heart to Heart Community Care, whose mission is to provide services to migrant workers and their families in Kunming, China.

    At Night Market, Columbia Kappas successfully sold VitaSoy drinks, soymilk, delicious Chinese buns and tasty fried dumplings for our national philanthropy, CARE, a humanitarian organization providing disaster relief and fighting global poverty. Please check out their website and donate here at: Proceeds will benefit CARE, especially contributing to Syrian refugees, who suffered from the humanitarian crisis, gain access to more food and clean water.


  • Volunteering with Chinese Adopted Siblings Program for Youth (CASPY) March 28, 2015

    Carmen Xie *Khaleesi* and her “younger sibling,” Sally, working with arts and crafts


    Judy Mae *Manifesto* and Melissa Cheung *Hysteria* engaging children in arts and crafts activities


    Eileen Li *Calcifer* getting to know the children


    Sisters (Melissa, Carmen, Eileen, Kelly, Judy) and their paired siblings

  • Onigiri Fundraiser at Columbia Japan Society’s Matsuri Spring Festival 2015 March 28, 2015

    Carmen Xie, Summer Yang, Kelly Liu and Lisa Li


    Carmen Xie *Khaleesi*


  • Be my Kappalicious Valentine ♥ Fundraiser February 9, 2015
    Vsale fundraiser

    The sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda of the Tau Chapter at Columbia University held their Valentine’s Day Bake Sale/Fundraiser, selling chocolate covered tuxedo strawberries and red velvet/french vanilla cake pops, to benefit their national philanthropy, CARE, a humanitarian organization dedicated to giving impoverished women the resources and empowerment to bring themselves up out of poverty.


  • Spring 2015 – Chi Rush! (1/26/15 – 2/6/15) January 19, 2015

    Rush Kappa Phi Lambda Spring 2015



    ☆ Mon, Jan. 26 – Dumpling Night/Mixer w/ Brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon ☆
    Location: Contact Rush Chairs if interested

    ☆ Wed, Jan. 28 – Tea & Cookies [GIM #1] ☆
    Location: Lerner East Ramp Lounge, 7-8:30 pm

    ☆ Thur, Jan. 29 – Self Defense Workshop ☆
    Location: Lerner 477, 6-7 pm

    ☆ Sat, Jan. 31 – Game Night w/ Brothers of Pi Delta Psi ☆
    Location: Contact Rush Chairs if interested

    ☆ Mon, Feb. 2 – Service: Card Making + Spa/Beauty Night ☆
    Location: Lerner Room 568, 7-8:30 pm

    ☆ Tues, Feb. 3 – Cheese & Crackers [GIM #2] ☆
    Location: Lerner East Ramp Lounge, 8-9 pm

    ☆ Wed, Feb. 4 – Kappacino & Photo Booth Night ☆
    Location: Contact Rush Chairs if interested, 7-9 pm

    ☆☆☆ Friday, Feb. 7 – Interviews by Invite (1 GIM and 2 events to qualify for an interview) ☆☆☆

    —–LEARN MORE—–

    National Website:
    Columbia Chapter Website:


    Questions? Feel free to contact our Rush Chairs!
    Carmen Xie:
    Jane Huang:



  • Seven Necessities April 15, 2013

    Seven Necessities

    There is an old Chinese saying that goes, “Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are the seven necessities to begin a day.”

    Firewood was the fuel used for cooking, while rice stands as the main staple food of China, with oil, salt, sauce and vinegar used as essential seasonings in preparing food. And finally tea, a popular drink pioneered in China, used initially for medicinal purposes before being enjoyed as a steeped beverage!

    This weekend, Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority is asking YOU to Tweet at us (@ColumbiaKPL) or write on our Facebook Page what your own personal seven necessities to start off the day are!

    And for those who do, make sure to stop by on Lerner Ramps Monday evening from 8pm-9pm and grab some FREE FRIED RICE AND TEA, which will of course, incorporate these Chinese seven necessities in some way! :)

    Make sure to also grab some more information about these 7 necessities and the role they play in Chinese culture!!

    Sponsored by APAHM! :)

    Event Page

  • Spirit of the Phoenix Week March 25, 2013

    Spirit of the Phoenix

    Columbia ΚΦΛ presents its SPIRIT OF THE PHOENIX WEEK, a week dedicated to honoring our national philanthropy, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF). This year, we celebrate the theme “Holding Up Half the Sky” to focus on the empowerment of women and transforming oppression into opportunity. With the support of Women’s History Month, please check out the events we’ve planned for March!

  • What’s in YOUR Nail Polish? December 10, 2012

    What's in Your Nail Polish

    Join us on Lerner Ramps and pledge to use Big 3 polishes today!

      About Priti NYC Nail Polish
      Priti NYC polishes are all completely non-toxic and made without toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) and formaldehyde- all known carcinogenic ingredients. The luxury polishes are fast drying, chip resistant, contain a UV inhibitor, and are extremely durable and glossy. They are also completely safe for use on children and moms-tobe. Available in over 100 different shades including metallics, mattes, bright neons, rich darks, classic nudes, and everything in between, limited color selection due to ecological restraints has officially become a thing of the past.

      Since its launch, the brand has expanded to include products such as soy nail polish remover, a recycled glass nail file, and the Priti Princess nail polish collection. The first line of non-toxic nail polishes for children, Priti Princess nail polishes come in 8ml bottles (as opposed to the 12 ml size of a standard nail polish)- perfect for the hands of tiny fashionistas. The Priti NYC Princess polish collection was named by the company’s honorary creative director, Siena- who also happens to be D’Amato’s 9 year old daughter.

  • ARISE 2012 November 10, 2012

    About our charity:

    Each Fall semester, Kappa Phi Lambda at Columbia University hosts a benefit dinner in which proceeds go to raising awareness on an issue that affects our communities. This year, ARISE will be donating to the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, a non-profit organization that provides health, educational, and social resources and services to the youth and community, as well as the Committee Against Asian American Violence.

    Since its inception in 2007, ARISE has brought together the university community by providing an evening that is filled with food, entertainment, and good company. Arise is also the only event at Columbia University that brings together the Greek community through an exciting performance showcase that exhibits the diversity and talents of the amazing Multicultural Greek Organizations at Columbia!

    Thank you to everyone who came out – we couldn’t have done this without everyone’s support!

    A big thank you to…


    Columbia University Asian American Alliance


    Sigma Lambda Gamma
    Lambda Phi Epsilon

    Keynote Speaker:

    -Calvin Sun

    Guest performers:

    -Bea Go
    -Austin Luu
    -Waty Escoto
    -William Chou
    -Ken Ruan
    -Fanny Ruan
    -Alex Lau

    Co-Arise Chairs and Alumni!

    -Susan Li *Climax*
    -Christina Gee *Detour*

  • Columbia Kappas Presents: Arise 2012 October 25, 2012

    ARISE 2012

    Join the Sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda for a night of food, performances, and gratuitous amounts of swagg, all while supporting the Teen Resource Center of the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center!

    When: 6:30pm Friday, November 9, 2012
    Where: Roone Arledge Auditorium

    Buy tickets $10 online here:

    For more information, please check out our Facebook page. Hope to see you there!

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