Playbill: Beyond School


The story never ends…


  • Our alumni have a large impact on the success of our chapter. We communicate with each other constantly through alumni newsletters, telephone calls, and e-mails that detail the five Ws of our events.
  • Alumni play an active role in our ever-growing chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda by attending our cultural, community service, and social events. Also, alumni also frequent our rush events, with many even taking little sisters.
  • Alumni came back to watch more than half of our actives acting, hip-hop and traditional dancing, narrating, and working backstage in Liga Filipina’s Barrio Fiesta cultural show. Our girls worked very hard, rehearsing on a weekly basis starting months before the event. When our sisters modeled in the fashion show segment of the Asian American Alliance and Korean Students Association annual culture shows, many of our alumni could be found in the audience cheering until their voices were hoarse.
  • It is a comfort to know that whatever path we choose to take after college, there will be an alum who has been down that path before. Our alumni have been known to coach and walk active sisters through mock interviews, to provide tips for achieving career and educational goals, and to offer advice for continuing education application processes.
  • Every year we host events to celebrate and show our appreciation to our alumni. At our annual alumni dinner, we send off the graduating seniors as well as commemorate the achievements of our alumni.
  • In the past, we organized an alumni career luncheon panel to extend this wealth of information to our peers, and we plan to do this again in the near future.
  • For upcoming semesters, we expect to continue this tradition of a close active-alumni sister bond by organizing summer lunches, reunion dinners, and karaoke mixers. We deeply admire the wisdom and experience of our alumni—each and every one is cherished as our friend, our mentor, and our big sister.


  • Three of our alumni have served in positions on Central Council. Not only are our alumni active within Columbia, but they participate in Kappa Phi Lambda on a national level as well.
  • Another source of pride for our colony is the evident post-graduation success of our alumni. Many decide to join the ranks of the working force at companies such as Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and L’Oreal.
  • Others have chosen to continue their education at institutions such as Columbia Law School, Penn State School of Medicine, SUNY College of Optometry, Master of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, and Columbia’s PhD program.
  • Moreover, some sisters opt to give back to the community by teaching elementary aged children in New York City Public Schools, and another has served our country by joining the Navy.


  • Credit Suisse
    Cindy Pang *Spectrum*
  • Goldman Sachs
    Mimi Wang *Torrent*
  • L’Oreal
    Evelyn Lu *Epee*
  • Accenture
    Nhu Tran *Intuition*
  • JPMorganChase
    Lily Lew *Zoom*
  • UBS (Hong Kong)
    Karen Qin *Sake*
  • Deloitte Consulting
    Amy Bai *Impact*
  • Barclays Capital
    Diana Wong *Orbitz*
  • Management Solutions (London)
    Anna Wong *Vanilla*
  • Columbia Law School
    Victoria Kwan *Winter*
  • Penn State School of Medicine
    Yan Ho *Amidala*
  • SUNY College of Optometry
    Vanna Wong *Wicked*
  • Queens District Attorney’s Office
    Daphne Ha *Freefall*
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Angie Cheng *Deluge*
  • Columbia University’s PhD Program
    Emmi Yonekura *Epiphany*
  • Columbia Teachers College
    Cindy Phan *Candela*
  • Masters in Forensic Psychology, John Jay
    Daphne Ha *Freefall*
  • Blue Ribbon Elementary School in Bayside, NY
    Cindy Phan *Candela*
  • United States Navy
    Ariella Kirtley *Kryptonite*
  • Japan Exchange and Teaching Program
    De Anna Lau *Nalani*
  • UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business
    Amy Bai *Impact*
  • Punahou School
    De Anna Lau *Nalani*
  • Human Rights in China
    Victoria Kwan *Winter*
  • NASA
    Emmi Yonekura *Epiphany*
  • P.S. 244, Flushing, NY
    Esther Eng *Devotion*
  • Rockland Psychiatric Center
    Daphne Ha *Freefall*
  • Healthcare Innovation and Technology
    Angie Cheng *Deluge*
  • Tokyo, Japan
    Stella Li *Yumi*
  • Queens College – Masters Program
    Esther Eng *Devotion*
  • UMDNJ – New Jersey Medical School
    Michelle Huang *Thumbelina*
  • Upper West Side Eye Care
    Alice Wong *Latte*
  • YorVoice
    Hope Gong *Thrill*
  • Chinatown Youth Initiatives
    Alice Wong *Latte*


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