Playbill: Cultural


Culture needs to be understood as dynamic; multifacted; embedded in context; influenced by social, economic and political factors; created and socially constructed.


  • Our cultural events are programmed to be both important and meaningful for sisters and the Columbia community alike. Our wide spectrum of events are engaging and knowledge-enriching, provide a safe environment for discussion, and encourage development of ideas and future action.
  • We also hold events that are less political, but equally educational and fun!
    In Fall 2007, we learned about decolonization and immigration in Asian countries through the making of certain finger foods. Not only did everyone get to make their own Vietnamese summer roll, but we also learned about how it has evolved due to the many influences that had impacted the Vietnamese culture.
  • Our events focus on a wide range of topics: from education to immigration, to history, to human trafficking and to body image. One semester, we invited Margarita Tan to speak and do a spoken word performance in celebration of the beginning of Women’s History Month. Another semester, we invited immigration attorneys and community leaders to our Immigration Law and Community Action Panel, which touched upon the perspectives of the expanded offenses following federal immigration reform in 1996 and other legislation that affect the lives of immigrants, as well as surrounding communities today.
  • BODY IMAGE is not just an issue that affects the Asian American community but the general population as well, so we wanted to have a campus wide discussion on the issue in hopes of provoking our fellow students to think about the issue. We held discussions and workshops on issues regarding the Asian American female identity, events that revolved around the issues of body image and how Asian American women have higher suicidal risk factors than any other racial group.
  • We make sure to connect not only with sisters within the sorority, but with other Asian American student organizations as well to foster a strong Asian and Asian American community on campus. This past semester, sisters performed in Liga Filipina’s annual showcase as well as walked the runway in Asian American Alliance’s cultureSHOCK and Korean Student Association’s Surge fashion show. In addition, we’ve co-sponsored with other student organizations and hosted discussions and Q&A sessions.


  • As of Spring 2008, we’ve had 25 cultural events since our charters crossed 9 semesters ago.
  • We host at least 2 cultural events every semester.
  • Many sisters are involved with and hold E-Board positions in various cultural organizations throughout campus. To name a few, we have sisters in Asian American Alliance, Asian Pacific American Awareness Month, Columbia Japan Society, Korean Students Association, Liga Filipina, Vietnamese Students Association, and many more.


  • Dumplings and Karaoke
    Co-hosted with Korean Students Association
    Spring 2004
  • Rollin’ with the Kappas
    Taught campus the history and the strategy to making sushi rolls
    Spring 2004, Fall 2004
  • Curry in a Hurry
    Co-hosted with Columbia Japan Society
    Spring 2004
  • Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
    Invited Professor Wang (Columbia), an expert on calligraphy to speak on the its history and to demonstrate some words.
    Fall 2004
  • Asian American Alliance Celebrasian
    Kappa step performance
    Fall 2004
  • Screening of Iron Jawed Angels
    Discussed its implications and its take on the Women’s Progressive Movement.
    Spring 2005
  • Seal Engraving Workshop
    Taught history of seals and how to make personal seals from ancient times
    Spring 2005
  • Screening of Infernal Affairs
    Co-hosted with Asian Pacific American Awareness Month
    Spring 2005
  • Sushi Rolling Workshop
    Demonstration for all resident advisors campus-wide.
    Spring 2005
  • Rollin’ with the Kappas and Pis
    Co-hosted with Columbia Pi Delta Psi – taught strategy of making sushi rolls.
    Fall 2005
  • Kang Chol-Hwan
    Co-hosted with Columbia Liberation in North Korea.
    Fall 2005
  • The Chopsticks-Fork Principle
    Invited Cathy Bao Bean to campus to discuss bicultural issues and to read excerpts from her memoir, The Chopsticks-Fork Principle.
    Fall 2005
  • Self Defense Workshop
    Invited a self defense trainer to educate the public on self-defense.
    Spring 2006
  • Polaris Project: Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery
    Invited a speaker from the Polaris Project to discuss the importance and relevance of human trafficking.
    Spring 2006
  • Interracial Dating Roundtable Discussion
    Discussed the taboos and issues concerning interracial dating.
    Fall 2006
  • Chaplain James Yee
    Co-hosted with several cultural organizations on campus to bring him to speak on his experiences in Guantanamo Bay.
    Fall 2006
  • Opening of Women’s History Month
    Invited spoken word artist and activist Margarita Tan to examine power and privilege as experienced by her, personally and culturally.
    Spring 2007
  • Cultural Determinants of Asian Immigrant Communities
    Invited Professor Hu (Hunter College) to discuss the issue of silence within Asian immigrant education.
    Spring 2007
  • Finger Foods
    Discussed decolonization and immigration in Asian countries while making of finger foods.
    Fall 2007
  • Immigration Law & Community Action Panel
    Panel of community organizers and attorneys discussing their perspectives on various immigration acts.
    Fall 2007
  • Body Image with Regina Park
    Screened her film Never Perfect and discussed social conflicts of body image.
    Spring 2008
  • Teen Suicide Workshop
    Invited members of the outreach team from the Columbia Counseling and Psychological Services to discuss suicide prevention and how it affects Asian American women specifically.
    Spring 2008
  • Liga Filipina Barrio
    Sisters acted and performed traditional Filipino dances as well as a contemporary hip-hop dance.
    Spring 2008
  • Asian American Alliance: CultureSHOCK Performance
    Sisters participated in a fashion show featuring Asian American designers.
    Spring 2008
  • Korean Students Association: SURGE
    Sisters participated in the fashion show.
    Spring 2008