Playbill: Service


One is not born into the world to do everything,
but to do something.


  • Community service is one of Kappa Phi Lambda’s pillars, and we always make it a priority to help others. Over the last five years, we have increased our capacity as a community service organization that addresses and supports a variety of causes.
  • Many of our sisters have been on the directing board of campus-wide community service events. In Spring 2008, for example, we were proud to have a sister serve as co-chair of Columbia Community Outreach. Additionally, we have also had sisters serve as board members of the Asian Pacific American Awareness Month and Asian American Alliance, groups that supported and funded the Chinese Adopted Siblings Program for Youth (CASPY).
  • Every year since our establishment, we have participated in Columbia Community Outreach (CCO), a day in which students and alumni, eager to make a difference in their community, unite to contribute and help out with various service projects throughout the New York City metropolitan area. This year, we volunteered with the NYC Department of Parks to clean up Fort Tryon Park in upper Manhattan, raking leaves, cutting down ivy from walls, and uprooting small trees and shrubs.
  • Not only do we strive to increase our campus presence, we also aim to build and maintain relationships with other community service organizations. We maintain good relationships with organizations we’ve worked with in the past such as CCO and CASPY. For the past four years, we have worked closely with Asphalt Green, many sisters having volunteered several times at the Asphalt Green Big Swim and the Asphalt Green Games.
  • Through our assistance to the community via our various service efforts, we have grown and developed as a chapter. Community service events become something to look forward to throughout the semester, and this zeal always transfers to the tasks we are assigned to do.


“Service to others is the payment you make for your space here on earth.”

– Mohammed Ali


  • Sister to Sister
    National Women’s Day Health Fair
    Spring 2004
  • Columbia Community Outreach 2004
    Worked with children at Chinatown’s P.S. 110
    Spring 2004
  • Multiple Sclerosis Walk
    Volunteered to help the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
    Spring 2004
  • Teensgiving with 92nd Street YMCA
    Worked as team leaders of groups of teenagers in various volunteer projects throughout the city
    Fall 2004
  • New York Cares Day
    Helped to restore several classrooms at P.S. 44 in Brooklyn
    Fall 2004
  • Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
    Volunteered to aid walkers
    Fall 2004
  • Columbia Community Outreach 2005
    Worked at the New York City Food Bank organizing and packaging boxes to be shipped to shelters
    Spring 2005
  • Big Swim at Asphalt Green
    Volunteered to do registration, prepare student swimmers, and direct parents and family for the event
    Spring 2005
  • March of Dimes
    Worked at tables to provide information for the public on the cause
    Spring 2005
  • Asphalt Games
    Volunteered to lead several activities for children at the event
    Fall 2005
  • Swim for the Future at Asphalt Green
    Volunteered to help at the annual benefit that honors swimmers and gives scholarships to talented young swimmers
    Fall 2005
  • Columbia University Relay for Life
    Executed various activities during the relay including limbo, face painting, and even dressing up as good and bad lungs
    Spring 2006
  • Baby Buggy
    Prepared items to be distributed to families in need of baby necessities
    Spring 2006, Fall 2006
  • Columbia Community Outreach 2006
    Painted a local homeless shelter
    Spring 2006
  • Common Cents
    Packaged Comment Cents boxes to be distributed throughout New York City schools
    Fall 2006
  • New York Cares Day
    Painted murals to decorate P.S. 63 in Queens
    Fall 2006
  • Math Counts
    Helped to grade the Math Counts competition, a national math competition for junior high school students
    Spring 2007
  • Chinese Adopted Siblings Program for Youth (CASPY)
    Acted as big sisters to adopted Chinese children for the day
    Spring 2007, Spring 2008
  • Columbia Community Outreach 2007
    Returned to Common Cents to help make penny pins to be given to NYC schools
    Spring 2007
  • Big Brothers/Sisters of New York City 5K Run
    Motivated runners and assisted with post-race games
    Fall 2007
  • Healthy Big Apple Play Day
    Managed various activities. Event meant to encourage children to lead healthy lifestyles
    Fall 2007
  • Columbia Community Outreach 2008
    Helped to restore Fort Tyron Park in Manhattan
    Spring 2008


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