Playbill: Sisterhood


Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other.


  • As sisters, we discovered that sisterhood is not simply an intangible pillar of the sorority we’ve pledged into, but a definitive way of life. Attending dance, theater, and music shows produced by Columbia University student organizations, we support our sisters in their artistic endeavors and experience campus life in much-loved company.
  • We plan events like Costume Party-Movie Nights that allow us to express quirky individualism, completely uninhibited in the secure company of sisters: sisters arrive in elaborate costumes as ghost-brides, gypsies, or mermaids—or wrapped in toilet paper as mummies.
  • Through more spontaneous sister events, experiences of sisterhood pervade our everyday. A sunny day and a quick phone call easily turns into sisters relaxing at a picnic on the lawn; a need for caffeine or craving for yogurt becomes a Starbucks or Pinkberry outing.


  • During finals week, sisters commandeer classrooms or library tables or simply gather in a sister’s room to study. Regardless of the hour, we can always find a study buddy.
  • Our annual tradition of Alumni Dinner both celebrates the achievements of our graduating seniors and brings back our alumni. The union of the chapter from Charters to Neos unifies the chapter in an evening of perceptible legacy.
  • Since December 2003, every sister who has crossed into this chapter has continued that legacy, striving to fulfill the goals and dreams of our Charters. But not wanting to simply walk in their footsteps, we use their example to guide our steps and as a mold to create those of our own, symbolizing the everlasting impact and influence that each sister leaves behind after she has graduated.


  • In our sorority, sisterhood involves more than just being in it; you have to BE it. Connecting and networking with outside sisters has been the best way to experience what our organization, on a national level, has to offer and why we all proudly wear these three letters.
  • Sisterhood is like a relationship, but with unconditional love and no break-ups. Who else will stay by your side or even climb into bed with you when you’re sick or going through tough times; understand when you need advice or throw you surprise birthday parties; help you study when the world slumbers or worry and call to wake you up for a final without being asked?
  • For rushees, one of the most attractive features of Kappa Phi Lambda is the ability to accomplish great things with the tools that it can provide. In time, we’ve come to realize that it isn’t merely the tools that will help us accomplish those great things; it is also the people, the confidence and the support that will lead us past the hardships and help us emerge from every experience stronger.


  • In Spring 2007, a passionate rendition of the Boyz II Men song “I’ll Make Love to You,” was performed by four sisters dressed as the iconic singing group (complete with drawn-on moustaches). We won first place in the Greek Week Lip Sync competition.
  • Despite limited funding for car rentals and Columbia University’s taxing ten weeks of midterms, our sisters visit outside schools as often as we can. Just in the semester of Spring 2008, we attended Asia Nights at Stony Brook, St. John’s University, and Syracuse.


  • As a New York City school, we regrettably possess limited options for transportation. However, we still strive for interschool sisterhood by maintaining close relationships with the other New York City schools, regularly visiting Epsilon, Zeta, and Theta Chapters. In recent semesters, we have also attempted to visit the relatively nearby Eta Chapter a few times each semester.
  • We have twice performed at Conventions, displaying aspects of our colony’s internal sisterhood to the sorority at large. Through our encounters with the sorority’s chapters and colonies, our friendships with other outside sisters has helped bridge gaps, create new ideas, and further build the organization that we’ve each individually strived to join.


  • NYU Rush Events: Spring 2004
    NYU Cookies, NYU Pillows
    Spring 2004
  • Baruch Rush Events: Spring 2004
    Baruch Bubble Tea, Baruch Pool/Karaoke
    Spring 2004
  • Internal Sisterhood: Spring 2004
    Spring 2004
  • NYU Rush: Fall 2004
    NYU Rush Party
    Fall 2004
  • Baruch Rush: Fall 2004
    Baruch Karaoke, Baruch Dim Sum
    Fall 2004
  • Baruch Cultural: Fall 2004
    Baruch Kimbab
    Fall 2004
  • NYU Cultural: Fall 2004
    NYU Impact
    Fall 2004


  • Baruch Rush: Spring 2005
    Baruch Chocorama, Baruch Kappaccino
    Spring 2005
  • Baruch Cultural: Spring 2005
    Baruch Feng Shui
    Spring 2005
  • NYU Cultural: Spring 2005
    NYU KSA Show
    Spring 2005
  • NYU Social: Spring 2005
    NYU Spirit, NYU Inspire
    Spring 2005
  • St. John’s University Rush: Fall 2005
    SJU Minigolf
    Fall 2005
  • Rutgers Rush: Fall 2005
    Mixer with Rutgers KPL
    Fall 2005
  • NYU Cultural: Fall 2005
    NYU Impact
    Fall 2005


  • NYU Rush: Spring 2006
    NYU Mocktails
    Spring 2006
  • Baruch Rush: Spring 2006
    Baruch Dinner, Baruch Karaoke
    Spring 2006
  • NYU Cultural: Spring 2006
    NYU Tae Guk Gi
    Spring 2006
  • NYU Rush: Fall 2006
    NYU Social
    Fall 2006
  • NYU Cultural: Fall 2006
    NYU Lt. Watada
    Fall 2006


  • NYU Rush: Spring 2007
    NYU Bubble Tea
    Spring 2007
  • Rutgers Social: Fall 2007
    Rutgers Smoke
    Fall 2007


  • NYU Rush: Spring 2008
    NYU Karaoke
    Spring 2008
  • Rutgers Rush: Spring 2008
    Rutgers Spa Night
    Spring 2008
  • Stonybrook Cultural: Spring 2008
    Stonybrook Asia Night
    Spring 2008
  • St. John’s University Cultural: Spring 2008
    SJU ExplorAsian
    Spring 2008
  • Social: Spring 2008
    Dimsum with St. John’s University and Duke Interest Group
    Spring 2008


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