Playbill: Upper West Side Story


ALICE WONG (Latte) hails from Brooklyn and loves everything about NYC…MICHELLE HUANG (Thumbelina) was part of the original cast in Fall 2003 and is extremely proud of the way the production has grown and evolved since her departure…CINDY PANG (Spectrum) now works as a proprietary trader at Credit Suisse in the city, after two years of investment banking… ESTHER ENG (Devotion) will begin teaching kindergarten in September as one of the “founding” teachers at P.S. 244…

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Our cultural events are programmed to be both important and meaningful for sisters and the Columbia community alike. Our events focus on a wide range of topics: from education to immigration, to history, to human trafficking and to body image. Our wide spectrum of events are engaging and knowledge-enriching, provide a safe environment for discussion, and encourage development of ideas and future action.

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“My freshman year, I was really, really inspired by Deluge and Thumbelina dancing to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation at the Columbia University Dance Marathon. That really showed me how close-knit, dedicated, and selfless the sisters were—both Angie and Michelle for raising the money and dancing for 28 hours straight, and all the other sisters who donated, came out to boost their morale, and buy them snacks, Icy Hot, gel insoles, etc. So that motivated me to help carry on the tradition by doing CUDM the next year.” – Mimi Wang *Torrent*
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Over the last five years, we have increased our recognition on campus as a community service organization that addresses and supports a variety of causes. Every year since our establishment, we have participated in Columbia Community Outreach (CCO), a day in which students and alumni, eager to make a difference in their community, unite to help out with various service projects throughout New York City…

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On top of all the community service, cultural, and fundraising events we actively participate in, we also like to have fun! Social events are an essential part of our schedule. Not only is it a great way to relax, bond with sisters and other organizations, but it is also a great way to fundraise for philanthropies as well as for ourselves. Every semester, we throw several club parties, some where we have made over $600 in one night! The recent party that we helped promote for the earthquake relief fund helped raise $10,000 for Red Cross.

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As sisters, we discovered that sisterhood is not simply an intangible pillar of the sorority we’ve pledged into, but a definitive way of life. Attending dance, theater, and music shows, we support our sisters in their artistic endeavors and experience campus life in much-loved company. We plan events like Costume Party-Movie Nights that allow us to express quirky individualism, completely uninhibited in the secure company of sisters: sisters arrive in elaborate costumes as ghost-brides, gypsies, or mermaids—or wrapped in toilet paper as mummies.

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At Columbia University, we pride ourselves in our ability to represent Kappa Phi Lambda actively on campus while maintaining our reputation as scholars. Our chapter consistently holds one of the top three grade point averages out of the Multicultural Greek Council organizations and many of our sisters go above and beyond by taking on double majors, having minors, and participating in pre-professional programs.

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Alumni play an active role in our ever-growing chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda by attending our cultural, community service, and social events and taking little sisters. Our alumni frequently coach and walk active sisters through mock interviews, provide tips for achieving career and educational goals, and offer advice for continuing education application processes.

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